Startup Maine

It takes a village to raise a startup


Startup Maine




Community support is vital to success. The best idea will never get off the ground without others there to nurture, improve, invest and sustain it. This is why it’s no surprise that as Maine’s entrepreneurial scene has grown in recent years, so too has the community around it.

Startup Maine is how — and where — that community comes together. Attracting early-stage innovators and established big businesses alike, the volunteer-led conference and organization hosts speakers, holds educational sessions and celebrates Maine’s startups. Knowing the benefits that come from exchanging ideas and the importance of a strong, entrepreneurial community, MTI is proud to sponsor and support their efforts.

And those efforts reach far beyond the borders of Maine. This year Startup Maine is sending eight companies (many of whom are MTI clients) to TechCrunch Disrupt — one of the world’s most prestigious startup conferences. It’s an amazing opportunity for Maine’s community of dreamers, doers and risk-takers to showcase their talent on a global stage.