Hussey Seating Company

Innovating Manufacturing to Scale Production and Create More Maine Jobs

$2.8m MTAF 2.0

“Our Advanced Manufacturing Center in Sanford didn’t exist prior to the grant award. It now stands as one of the most innovative manufacturing facilities in the State of Maine.” – Brian Deveaux, President & CEO of Hussey Seating Company


increase in revenue

new full-time Maine jobs created

Hussey Seating Company designs and manufactures seating solutions for the sports and entertainment, education, and performing arts markets. This 6th and 7th generation family-owned business has been operating in Maine since 1835. Now, they are a world leader in seating solutions.

Innovation has always been at the core of Hussey Seating Company. From modest roots in steel fabrication to the global powerhouse it is today, Hussey has always developed new solutions that address customer needs.

In 2017, Hussey Seating Company identified their next opportunity for innovation — modernizing their manufacturing technology according to lean principles, so they could scale their operations.

Hussey received an MTAF 2.0 grant to modernize their equipment, facilities, and processes to achieve the lean manufacturing efficiencies necessary to compete in their global markets. The goal of this project was to reduce costs and improve efficiencies so they could increase their overall capacity, allowing Hussey to bid on and execute larger projects.

As a Maine-based company owned by multi-generational Mainers, creating jobs in Maine is important to Hussey Seating Company. They wanted their updated manufacturing process to create 40-60 full-time jobs in their manufacturing center in Sanford. They also projected that the project would increase their revenue by $16M.

Thanks to MTI funding, Hussey Seating Company was able to completely modernize their manufacturing center, creating quality jobs in Maine. Their Advanced Manufacturing Center in Sanford is one of the most innovative manufacturing facilities in Maine. Also thanks to MTI funding, Hussey Seating Company was able to use laser cutting and automatic material handling. This allowed them to create new designs and incorporate features that they could not previously achieve with older technology.

Because of their lean and efficient manufacturing process, Hussey was able to complete the Alamodome project in San Antonio, Texas. This project included the design and production of 12,000 telescopic seats – almost six times as many telescopic seats as a typical NBA arena.

Even with their global expansion, Hussey Seating Company envisions their future remaining as a Maine-based, family-owned business that makes high quality products. Hussey is committed to staying in Maine because the people of Maine inspire Hussey to honor their core values: being a family business, operating with honesty and integrity, and caring for and empowering the people they work with.