Nyle Systems, LLC

Innovative manufacturing company helps customers transition towards a more sustainable energy system

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full-time employees in 2010

full-time employees in 2022

additional employees expected to hire by 2027

Nyle Systems is on a mission to make a meaningful impact and build a more sustainable future  by helping the world shift from fossil fuel to cleaner energy. Moving away from fossil fuel not only reduces emissions but also creates new jobs, improves public health, and provide numerous economic benefits. Based in Brewer, Maine, Nyle designs, develops, manufactures, and sells energy-efficient products that reduce energy costs for drying by 40% to 60%. With a mission to electrify commercial and industrial processes, Nyle focuses on three core markets: lumber drying, food dehydration, and heat pump water heating.

After Nyle patented the XDH Dehumidification system in 1978, their product line has since expanded to include gas-fired kilns, conventional kilns, heat treaters, and industry-leading controls. Nyle’s food drying systems originally started with one-off equipment to dry pet food and ready-to-eat meal ingredients. As demand grew, the company developed a line of energy-efficient dehumidification dryers for different needs in the food market. The most energy-efficient way to heat water is by using a heat pump. As an industry leader, Nyle’s water heating systems are not only environmentally friendly but also cost-efficient.

As part of its core mission, Nyle seeks to fight climate change by helping customers transition from using fossil fuels to electricity-generated renewable sources. Although Nyle has the technology and products, it needed more capital to grow.

With financial help from MTI, Nyle completed several key projects that aligned with their mission. Originally, Nyle only produced heat pumps for residential use. In 2011, they received a $25,000 seed grant from MTI that enabled the development of a commercial heat pump water heater. In 2019, an additional $25,000 seed grant helped update controls for the residential water heaters. Funding from MTI was essential to help the company build larger capacity heat pumps for larger buildings such as hotels, apartment buildings, and dorm rooms. Additionally, Nyle saw an increased demand for lumber dry kilns during the pandemic. Although it was good for business, it also meant the company needed to expand its operations. In 2020, a $142,981 grant from MTAF 2.5 enabled this much-needed expansion.

Nyle takes pride as a global company but is also proud to create and keep jobs local. In 2010, they only had 12 full-time employees but has since grown to 104. By 2027, they expect to hire 200 additional full-time employees. Ton Mathissen, Founder and CEO of Nyle, credits part of the company’s success as being a Maine-based organization. With support from the Maine community and financial funding from partners like MTI, Nyle continues to make products that help customers transition to more energy efficient systems.