Gneiss Spice

Spicing Up Jar Design in Western Maine

Grant | $25,000

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Number of spice jars that can fit on an extra large plate

Unique spice and seasonings sold

Gneiss Spice, founded in 2009, produces magnetic spice jars in Albany Township and sells primarily online to an out of state market. MTI funds were used to develop prototypes and determine feasibility of a more durable lid design. With an improved lid, Gneiss Spice expects the new design to be a catalyst to scale the business to the next level and to the international marketplace.

Much of the Maine economy is fueled by small businesses, especially in rural Western Maine. Creating a sustainable business with reliable wages is helping Gneiss Spice employees to invest in their own financial security. Additionally, the company donates 5% of their profits to fighting food insecurity in the state. As Gneiss Spice expands, they expect a bigger impact in the local community.