Event Sponsorship

Does Your Event Support the Innovation Economy? Choose MTI as a Sponsor 

MTI supports Maine’s innovation economy through event sponsorships that promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Maine.

Funding Structure 

Types of Funding


Typical Award Amount 


Criteria for Application

Your organization must be a Maine-based organization: This means your organization must be registered in Maine or have a significant presence in Maine. MTI’s sponsorship policy is designed to complement, but not duplicate other MTI funding programs. Sponsorships must achieve one of these three goals:


Informing targeted audiences about MTI’s programs and highlighting the success of MTI portfolio companies with a goal of generating a strong application pipeline and greater understanding of MTI’s mission, goals and success.


Celebrating the success of an MTI partner, program, or portfolio company with a goal of encouraging a culture of aspiration and success in Maine.

Education or connection

Providing MTI portfolio companies, potential MTI portfolio companies, entrepreneurs and innovators with educational or connections/networking opportunities needed to strengthen their ability to grow and succeed.

Goals and Purpose of the Forestry Recovery

How to Apply

Event sponsorship applications start with filling out an interest form.

Step 1: Fill out the interest form

Note that the interest form is not a funding application form – it simply provides basic information so we can contact you to see if your event is a good fit for sponsorship.

Step 2: Meet with us

Within 5-8 days we will contact you to schedule a meeting, either in-person or on the phone. Potential event sponsorship applicants typically meet with MTI’s president. This conversation is to assess whether your event is a good fit for sponsorship.

Step 3: Decision

MTI will get back to you within 5-10 business days with our decision.

Step 4: Contract

If the sponsorship request is approved, MTI and the applicant will sign a sponsorship contract.

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