Hyperlite Mountain Gear

MTAF2.0 Award: $177,640

A young outdoor industry company with high growth, Hyperlite Mountain Gear is challenging the status quo. Manufacturing their products at an 1880’s era mill in Biddeford, Hyperlite is competing with entrenched brands producing overseas with lower costs and using lower-tech materials. The company is driven to produce a premium product despite these constraints and prides itself on their minimalist high performance gear. The MTAF 2.0 award is allowing Hyperlite to focus on efficiency and automation to accelerate production growth and increase market share. The initial project has already allowed for increased fabric yield and resource planning.

“We need to develop the most efficient and effective American-based manufacturing operation we can in order to be the most competitive we can. Our first completed project, from the award, was the implementation of a CNC cutting machine which is significantly increasing our yields on fabrics that are 7-15 times more expensive than traditional alternatives.”

-Dan St. Pierre, Co-Founder & CFO