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As a former working, nursing, and traveling mother of two kids, Amy VanHaren, CEO and Founder of Pumpspotting, felt isolated throughout her breastfeeding journey. And while trying to navigate her personal and professional life, she realized there was strength in a collective community. Pumpspotting is a community-driven breastfeeding platform that supports new mothers at home and work. As a SaaS software company, Pumpspotting’s technology helps new parents achieve their baby-feeding goals while also helping companies attract and retain talent.

Amy knew she had discovered a better way to empower nursing and pumping mothers, but Pumpspotting needed financial support for further development. Raising capital isn’t easy, especially for an innovative product that serves multiple audiences. For its customers, Pumpspotting helps parents reach their baby-feeding goals through various tools like access to feeding experts, personalized articles, and mom-approved places to nurse or pump. For employers, Pumpspotting helps attract and retain talent with a comprehensive lactation support solution.

MTI’s financial help supported app development and oversight of the product management team. It also enabled the company to add features that added value for parents like the ability to directly connect to lactation consultants. Another key feature includes a company lactation spaces map that allows employees to view lactation rooms in office and retail locations globally. This key change enabled Pumpspotting to expand its market reach and serve some of the country’s largest companies including DraftKings and Walgreens.

Financial support from MTI also enabled the build and launch of Pumpspotting For Business, a necessary expansion to serve both employers and employees. The impacts of the pandemic lead Pumpspotting to invest in a full B2B model, allowing it to maintain a competitive advantage in the industry.

Maine has a growing startup community and is particularly invested in seeing mission-based businesses grow. Like many companies who are starting and growing in Maine, MTI’s funding has been an essential source of capital. MTI’s help not only supported Pumpspotting’s growth at each stage but also enabled access to individual and community experts.  As part of this community, Pumpspotting aims to continue building a culture that supports work-life balance for working parents and employers in the state of Maine and beyond.

To date, Pumpspotting has served 52,000 parents, 45 companies, and has traveled 25,000 miles in their Breast Express RV meeting parents in 60 cities in the country. As part of the $648 billion care economy, their goal is to bring baby-feeding support to every healthcare system, workplace, and retailer.