Combatting zoom fatigue one game at a time

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“MTI's investment has helped our company to expand our product and feature offerings, increase our revenue, enter new markets and grow our team. Specifically, MTI funding has given us time to better identify our product/market fit as well as try out numerous marketing strategies to more effectively target our market” -Daniel G. Stephens, CEO/founder GoodGames


increase in SaaS subscription

increase in workshop events


GoodGames was founded by Daniel Stephens in the midst of the pandemic, when he was asked by the Red Cross to come up with a solution for a communication problem that they were having.

When countless organizations switched to remote work at the onset of the pandemic, some teams struggled to communicate as effectively using video platforms. Ideation, creative thinking, and feedback can be especially challenging to facilitate remotely.

GoodGames helps organizations and their teams enhance communication, creativity, and problem solving remotely. Their products are team-oriented games and game-like experiences that are meant to give everyone a voice during meetings and keep everyone engaged. Their games can be played fully remote, in a hybrid setting, or live.

Games are simple to learn and facilitate, and promote team-building, idea generation, and creativity. Most games are run on video conference software, and help teams grow stronger together. There are games for developing a team’s ability to handle uncertainty, or games that help bring data presentation to life.

MTI has been instrumental in GoodGames’ success and growth. Not only did MTI provide grants and loans totalling $210k, but they also supported GoodGames’ application for national grants. With coaching from MTI’s grant writing team, GoodGames secured an EPA grant for $100K.

MTI grant support has funded early software development and marketing efforts, and the loan has helped GoodGames narrow down on the market fit for their SaaS product.

MTI funding has given GoodGames the time they needed to better identify their product/market fit as well as try out numerous marketing strategies to more effectively target their market. GoodGames has also benefited from the MERC program, which provided grant-writing expertise and C-suite level support. MTI is also in the process of helping GoodGames hire a fractional CFO and a fractional co-CEO to help them grow and achieve their short and long term business and financial goals.

One of GoodGames’ goals is to give everyone a voice in team meetings and workshops. To this end, GoodGames has put a lot of thought into DEI focused workshops. MTI’s support has also enabled GoodGames to find and hire an expert in DEI based workshops, a market differentiator for GoodGames.

With MTI’s support and mentorship, GoodGames was able to increase their SaaS subscriptions by 100% and quadruple their workshop events.