Reconnect, Inc

Technology empowers case managers and fights recidivism, incarceration, and substance use disorder

$537k | Multiple awards


MTI's support has enabled us to fulfill our mission of aiding an underserved, vulnerable population.




agencies nationwide


A Top 10 Community Corrections Services Company

The courts work hard to help people, but often grapple with cumbersome bureaucratic procedures and resource limitations. Reconnect was built to help. Reconnect is a technology platform that provides clear communication pathways between staff and clients. It offers non-stigmatizing accountability solutions as well as supportive tools and progress tracking. Across the nation, Reconnect has simplified operations for over 400 agencies nationwide, making it easier for agencies to provide evidence-based programming and streamline caseload management.

When the pandemic started, many government agencies had to quickly pivot to remote work. For treatment and accountability programs that rely heavily on face-to-face communication, this required substantial adjustments. Reconnect was able to provide digital and remote tools to ensure that at-risk  populations continued to receive support during the pandemic.

When Matt Hoffner from MTI initially connected with Reconnect, CEO Pete Andrews was excited not just by the grant possibilities but also the invaluable expert resources and guidance MTI had to offer. Given their previous achievements and the growing demand for remote tools, Reconnect faced an urgent need to expand rapidly and enhance functionality to better serve their clients.

In 2020, Reconnect was awarded $100,000. Since then, they’ve received over $400,000 in additional core, loan, equity, and PRIME grant funding. This investment helped Reconnect develop a feature that gamified goal tracking, allowing individuals in programs  to track progress and celebrate positive milestones with program staff. The State of Maine was one of the first clients to implement this new feature.

In addition to product development, MTI funding helped Reconnect hire additional staff to support growth goals. When it came to hiring new staff, Reconnect looked to Mainers first. Reconnect is proud to operate in Maine, where the collaborative and helpful spirit of Mainers fuels their innovations.

Reconnect CEO Pete Andrews shares, “MTI breathed new life into our growth journey, offering invaluable insights into best practices for scaling. Crucially, MTI’s support has enabled us to fulfill our mission of aiding an underserved, vulnerable population. Collaborating with MTI, Reconnect has made a positive impact on thousands of lives.”

Reconnect remains dedicated to pioneering innovative software solutions aimed at improving outcomes within the criminal justice system. Their mission is to offer non-stigmatizing accountability, incarceration alternatives, and a more robust continuum of care for individuals throughout their recovery and behavioral health journey. The ultimate goal is to connect all of the different stakeholders involved in criminal justice and treatment programs – from courts to court staff to mental health professionals – to get people the care they need.