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"MTI plays a vital role in the Maine innovation community and economy. Defendify would not be where it is today without MTI's early and ongoing support, financially and strategically." Andrew Rinaldi, Co-founder


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When you consider email phishing scams, the growing distributed workforce, and the continuous exchange of data between businesses and customers, nearly every business has cybersecurity risks. Yet most cybersecurity solutions focus on enterprise businesses with large resources and internal security teams. Defendify is democratizing cybersecurity, ensuring businesses of any size have access to a multi-layered system to protect their business.

Back in 2017, co-founders Andrew Rinaldi and Rob Simopoulos started a cybersecurity consultancy firm with a focus on smaller business clients. They knew small companies were just as vulnerable as larger enterprises and the two were committed to developing a way to bring cybersecurity to any size business. They quickly recognized that they wanted to use technology to digitize the delivery of their services allowing it to scale to meet the massive opportunity of serving small businesses.

With MTI as a key partner, they built a prototype of their security package that brought the key tenets of cybersecurity together in one place, in a cost-effective platform. They tested their MVP, clarified product-market fit, and did additional feature testing and development.

In addition to financial support, Defendify was assisted by Matt Hoffner, one of MTI’s Entrepreneurs in Residence, who provided guidance, support, and expertise both directly and through his deep networks. As Defendify has sought investments to further its growth, MTI has continued to contribute both with follow-on investment and as a key business advisor.

In less than five years, Defendify has seen significant growth. Now, thousands of organizations in over 20 countries use their SaaS product. As proof of their commitment to microbusinesses, they recently launched their ‘Essentials’ package which features three key cybersecurity tools as a no-cost option.