Oct 1

Applications of AI in Business, Industry, Government, Healthcare and Environment

Time: 12:00 pm | Where: Virtual

This free, one-hour live webinar is the first in the University of Maine Artificial Intelligence Initiative Fall Lunch and Learn series. It's designed for the business community, policymakers, attorneys, healthcare... Read more ≫

Oct 6

Basics to Cyber-Securing Your Business

Time: 2:00 pm | Where: Virtual

This webinar is for business owners who are looking to learn best practices for staying away from ransom attacks, securing their online meetings, and ensuring their online business transactions go... Read more ≫

Oct 8

Funding Your Business

Time: 12:00 pm | Where: Virtual

Whether you are starting a new business or expanding an existing one, finding the necessary financing and capital is a challenge. This webinar provides important information on the potential sources... Read more ≫

Oct 13

Consumer Behavior in the Wake of COVID

Time: 2:00 pm | Where: Virtual

This free Webinar will offer tangible strategies for capitalizing on the change to customers’ desires, patterns, and behaviors resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. Visit the Maine SBDC website to learn... Read more ≫

Oct 14

MDC Workshop: Locable’s Step-by-Step Marketing 3-4-5™ Framework

Time: 2:00 pm | Where: Virtual

Do you want to learn how to effectively and easily market your business? This workshop will transform your marketing approach. Visit the Maine Development Foundation website to learn more and... Read more ≫