Technology Boards

MTI’s seven targeted technology boards are made up of experienced business and technology experts. The Technology Boards are a vital part of helping MTI achieve its mission to diversify and grow Maine’s economy by encouraging, promoting, stimulating and supporting innovation and its transformation into new products, services and companies, and ultimately, the creation of quality jobs for Maine’s people.

Members of the Technology Boards have two main roles: providing reviewer input on MTI investment applications and acting as ambassadors to targeted industry sectors in Maine, attracting qualified applicants for MTI investment, and helping MTI identify strategic needs and trends within and across their specified sectors.

Are you an expert on one of our targeted technologies? Volunteer on one of MTI’s Technology Boards and help grow Maine’s innovation economy.

As an MTI Ambassador to Industry sectors and potential applicants:

  • Promote MTI’s grant, loans, equity investment and services to individuals and companies in your industry.
  • Understand who is a good fit for MTI. Answer questions of potential applicants regarding MTI’s investment and evaluation process and refer them to MTI if appropriate.
  • Use your expertise to provide insights into strategic needs and trends in the sector.
  • Participate in periodic sessions for mutual feedback, updates and discussion by attending up to three Tech Board summits annually, each approximately 6-8 hours.
  • Participate in periodic outreach and networking events for MTI.

As a Reviewer of MTI investment applications:

  • Respond in timely fashion (within 2 business days) to confirm or deny your availability for participation in each MTI application review request sent to you.
  • Read and evaluation assigned application through our online reviewer portal, providing constructive feedback for MTI staff to share with applicants while preserving the privacy of the reviewer.
    • Reviewers should be comfortable reading large volumes over a distinct amount of time. Plan for an estimated 2-4 hours a month dedicated to the MTI review process; times may vary due to number of applications submitted.
    • Work with MTI staff to maintain MTI’s confidentiality and conflict of interest standards.

If you would be a good candidate to serve on a Technology Board, contact Brian Whitney.

Note: All tech board members must sign a Confidentiality Form and a Conflict of Interest Form to make sure that all applicant and MTI-funded company information is held in the strictest confidence.

List of Current Board Members

Advanced Technologies for Forestry & Agriculture

Susan Coulombe

Gray Harris
Coastal Enterprises Inc.

Richard Kersbergen
University of Maine

Eric Kingsley

Michael Lane
Preti Flaherty

Sean Ryan
Native Maine Produce

Pat Sirois

Aquaculture & Marine Technology

Ryan Beaumont
Mobility Technologies

Hugh Cowperthwaite
Coastal Enterprises Inc.

Richard Frost
Maritime Applied Physics Corporation

Steve Jury

John Kraeuter
University of New England

Shane Moeykens
University of Maine

Carter Newell
Pemaquid Mussel Farms

Stephen Page
Ocean Farm Technologies

Sara Rademaker
American Unagi

Krystal Williams
Pierce Atwood


Linda Diou

Clyde Dyar

Pam Gustin

Anthony Lucas

Douglas McAllister

William Palin

Tove Rasmussen

Susan Tapley

Composite Materials Technology

James Anderson
University of Maine

Robert Carr

Stan Farrell
Wizbe Innovations

Martin Grimnes
Arcadia Alliance

Kathie Leonard
Auburn Manufacturing, Inc.

Jake Marquis

Ryan McDermott
McDermott Shapes

Jonathan Roy
University of Maine

Scott Stephenson
Composites World

Steve Von Vogt
Maine Composites Alliance

Environmental Technology

John Adelman

James Atwell

Bill Behrens

Luke Doucette
University of Maine

Amos S. Eno

Lew Hinman
Preti Flaherty

Andrew Price

Melissa Winne

Information Technology

Marc Bouchard

Jesse Cole

Veena Dinesh
University of Maine

Mark Donahue

Brian Fahey

David E. Fay III

Ted Guild

Larry Langmore
Ocean Cove Consulting

Tom Lovering
Portland Web Works

Ronald Roelke

Tom Stephens

John Sterling

Susan Woods

Precision Manufacturing Technology

Mike Bouchard

James Ebbert

Mark Gartside

Terry Johnson

Adam Jones

Lisa Martin
Manufacturers’ Association of Maine

Jarlath McEntee
ORPC Maine

Chris Osgood
The Montalvo Corporation

George Sawyer

Andy Schoenberg
Maine Composites Alliance

Stan Schurgin
Preti Flaherty

Bruce Segee
University of Maine

Jeff Tounge