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You may not think there is much room for innovation in grain milling, a process, which at its most basic level, has been the same for over two thousand years. But the Maine Grain Alliance is disrupting the flour industry with a new approach that’s focused on quality over quantity.

Like most agricultural products, flour is dominated by a few large, national operations. The Maine Grain Alliance, however, is leading a growing movement to build small, local grain economies. Their efforts, which include hosting a premier baking and grain education conference and operating their own mill, are supporting rural Maine growers, reintroducing traditional techniques and implementing innovative processes that make farming more sustainable — both environmentally and economically.

The Maine Grain Alliance first partnered with MTI for a feasibility study on increasing Maine’s post-harvest grain handling capabilities. Further funding supported a project to develop enhanced cleaning, drying and storing solutions — advances necessary in helping Maine-grown grains get to market. Now, their high-quality grains are sought by bakers, brewers, livestock farmers and more, and their earth to table movement is catching on across the country.