Ready Seafood

Helping the lobster industry live up to its potential

MTAF 2.0| $2.25 million

Ready Seafood

New full-time positions

Square foot facility

Most people in Maine are mindful of the impact the lobster industry has on our state. The thousands of people it employs. The millions of pounds harvested. The billion dollars it contributes to the economy. 

MTI and Ready Seafood are thinking about the impact the lobster industry can have on our state. Can it employ more Mainers? Can we utilize more of the harvest? Can we make that harvest more valuable? 

This shared thinking led us to invest in Ready Seafood’s Maine Lobster Full Utilization Campus. The facility’s innovative holding mechanism and processing plant allows lobster once destined for Canada for processing (along with its profits) to stay here in Maine. It’s forward-thinking research lab is also developing methods of turning lobster byproducts into revenue-generating items like bio-fertilizer. 

By asking the right questions when it came to innovating the lobster industry, we found the right answers — a more sustainable fishery, a more valuable product and more quality jobs for people in Maine. Proof that lobster is good for a lot more than a great meal.