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How an original awardee found lasting success

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of the first MTI award recipients

year partnership

Back in 2000, then-Governor Angus King helped hand out the very first MTI awards to 37 innovative Maine businesses. One of those recipients was Kennebec River Biosciences, a young company that provided diagnostic and regulatory laboratory services for the aquaculture industry.

Since then, MTI and Kennebec River Biosciences have worked closely and — not coincidentally — grown together. A two person operation when it received its first MTI award, the lab now employs 15 highly-skilled specialists. Over the years, Kennebec River Biosciences has expanded beyond finfish diagnostic to testing new species, offering new services, developing vaccines and attracting global clients as far as Vietnam and Panama.

Recently, nearly two decades after first crossing paths, now-U.S. Senator Angus King and Kennebec River Biosciences shared a stage again, this time at MTI’s 20th anniversary event. It was a fitting reunion — one of MTI first champions and one of our first portfolio companies — and vivid reminder of how innovative thinking, paired with the right support and leadership, creates consistent, long lasting success.