Marin Skincare

Treating skin conditions with Maine-caught lobster

Multiple Awards | $193K

Marin Skincare


125 million
People with psoriasis worldwide

35 million
Americans suffer from eczema

Like millions of people across the country and around the world, Amber Boutiette battled with clinical skin issues for most of her life. While there are numerous treatments, there are few quality options — steroid creams can further damage the skin and over-the-counter medications are often ineffective.

Fortunately for Boutiette, she stumbled upon a solution during her graduate studies at the University of Maine. At UMaine, Boutiette and fellow student Patrick Breeding were researching lobster glycoproteins, which help fight disease and heal damaged tissue. Boutiette tried the glycoproteins on her eczema, and the results were astounding.

With funding from MTI, Boutiette and Breeding commercialized their discovery — launching Dermarus and releasing their first product, Marin Skincare. They now partner with Luke’s Lobster to extract lobster glycoprotein ethically and sustainably, helping increase the utilization and value of Maine’s $500+ million lobster harvest.

As winners of the recent Buoy Maine pitch competition, Marin Skincare is gaining momentum and a loyal following of customers who are finding relief thanks to a uniquely-Maine innovation.