Peregrine Turbine Technologies, LLC

Power Conversion That’s Making Green Energy A Reality

$100k multiple awards | $500k Development Loan | $250k Maine Clean Energy Innovation Challenge

Maine Technology Institute is the sole entity in the state of Maine whose purpose is to promote and advance the objectives of technology companies like Peregrine. MTI is a much needed and vital organization for the future health of technology companies in the state.





Peregrine Turbine Technologies is dedicated to producing more power with less of a carbon footprint. Their turbine-based power conversion technology is changing the nature of power generation, energy storage, and propulsion.

Their breakthrough sCO2 (supercritical carbon dioxide) technology provides a total energy management system that will help Maine achieve its renewable energy goals. Peregrine Turbine’s energy generation and storage products are modular and easy to install even in remote communities. This new system will enable constant solar and wind energy supply.

Peregrine Turbine is starting to build and place two commercial level prototypes in Maine. The first is a Thermal Energy Storage (TES) unit in Pittsfield, Maine, that will serve as a more efficient way to store renewable energy. The second is a sCO2 enabled Combined Heat and Power system at a Forest Products Innovation Hub planned for Millinocket, Maine. The installations are targeted for a 2025 start-up.

Peregrine Turbine first learned of MTI through a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funding presentation. MTI’s SBIR grant writing assistance resulted in Peregrine Turbine securing Phase I and Phase II awards. Following that success, Peregrine Turbine received a grant from MTI which helped them hire an accountant to handle corporate bookkeeping.

Further MTI funding and support has helped Peregrine Turbine to build the highest performing Proof of Concept heat engine test vehicle in the world. This Proof of Concept is currently undergoing a rigorous testing process that will de-risk their products and qualify their systems for active field testing applications.

During the pandemic, lockdown made it almost impossible for Peregrine Turbine to meet with investors and secure much-needed deals to continue developing their products. MTI funding helped Peregrine Turbine secure funds to cross important thresholds in technology development.

Peregrine Turbine also credits their Maine location as a factor in their success. The rarity of technology companies in the energy space in the state increases their visibility, resulting in better access to Maine investors and government agencies.

Peregrine Turbine is preparing for the commercialization and production of their ground-breaking technology, resulting in more manufacturing and STEM jobs in Maine.