Charting the Path Toward Growth for a Mapping Software Platform

MERC funding for software development


SLEDTRX recieved MERC funding for software development


users in 4 years

state expansion projected in 2024/2025

SledTRX created a software that maps snowmobile and ATV routes so people can plan out fun adventures in nature. This unique business gives users access to trail information and mapping tools, so snowmobilers and ATV enthusiasts know what trails are best suited for their vehicles.

So far, they have updated trail maps for the over 14,000 miles of snowmobile trails in Maine, including noting points of interest like sled shops, gas stations, and lodgings.

SledTRX struggled to find a credible developer in their budget to develop their app. Specifically, they needed a developer that would work with their current software infrastructure, React.

Unless they could find a developer and increase their budget, SledTRX anticipated that the development of their app could take longer than a year, and would require multiple smaller projects to complete.

Founder Jake Warn turned to MERC for help finding a developer and funding the project. MERC not only connected him with Justin Russell of One Ten Digital, but also funded half of the project fee.

Justin Russell is the owner of One Ten Digital, a company that provides web and mobile app development for businesses and nonprofits. Together with MERC funding, Justin was able to move the project forward.

The development project was done in two phases. First, he completed their technical base, including their database, backend software, and finalizing complex database-driven features. The second phase was focused around building the beta React native app.

SledTRX was so happy with Justin’s work that they continue to work with him and have even named him as lead for mobile development.

“MERC is an incredible opportunity for any Maine business to accelerate their growth and achieve their goals,” Justin says, “It makes it easy to find a local consultant that’s perfect for their project, and allows them to make the most of their budget – all while supporting Maine businesses.”

This MERC-funded project has put SledTRX in a position where they are expected to expand nationwide within a year. Best of all, they were able to finish the development project within three months, rather than the year it would have taken them to do it themselves.

SledTRX owner Jake Warn views MERC funding as critical for the growth of his business. “MERC and MTI have been one of our key supporters in moving this project along. MERC funding has allowed us to reach a market where we can now charge a user subscription – a revenue stream that is critical for the growth of our business.”

Jake credits the uniqueness of Maine for supporting his company’s growth. The local connections he’s fostered and the collaborative spirit of Maine businesses have helped him get the resources he needs to grow.

In the next year, SledTRX is projected to expand nationwide and capture up to 15% of the snowmobile/ATV market within the next two years.