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Industrial companies have always looked for ways to be more productive and efficient. In recent years, automation has been key to reaching this goal. However, manufacturers must deal with numerous automation systems that serve various complex functions and operate across multiple locations. Getting all those technologies on the same page, seamlessly sharing data and speaking the same language is a massive challenge — a challenge for which HighByte has a solution.

Similar to how Amazon Alexa or Google Home help consumers manage all of their automated devices (such as security cameras, lighting and thermostats), HighByte provides a single platform to help manufacturers manage their automation and industrial data. MTI invested in early R&D and development of HighByte’s software, and continues to partner with the company, funding new innovations and working with their board of directors.

Despite the pandemic, HighByte has continued to thrive — releasing new products, signing on customers and adding to their Maine-based workforce. Now, they’re seeing even more growth opportunities as the country begins to reopen. “The pandemic has only strengthened the case for digitalization in manufacturing,” said HighByte CMO and Co-Founder Torey Penrod-Cambra. “We expect to be first to market in the Industrial DataOps category and become a market leader,” adding, “We expect to continue to work with MTI and the innovation community to achieve these goals.”