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Each year, over 2.5 million people in the United States suffer a stroke or traumatic brain injury, leaving many of them with persistent mobility, speech and cognitive issues. With no standard of care for a significant number of these cases, MedRhythms is pioneering the use of Neurologic Music Therapy and wearable sensors to improve patients’ quality of life.

Launched in 2015 at the renowned Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, MedRhythms relocated to Maine to tap into its talent and supportive innovative community. Since then, their digital therapeutic platform has secured multiple patents, been fast-tracked for FDA approval, started testing in top hospitals and attracted millions of dollars in outside investment — including the recent backing of Bose, who was drawn to MedRhythms’ cutting edge use of audio in health related applications.

Even the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t slow the company down. In fact, it pushed them to further innovate their offerings. With in-person therapy sessions all but eliminated, they shifted their focus towards telemedicine and remote sensors, allowing care providers to continue using the power of music to help rehabilitate their patients.