Recovery Funding

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) passed by Congress in March of 2021 provided a significant amount of funding for relief programs to be administered by the states. In Maine, almost $1B in funding was received and allocated by the Maine State Legislature in July of 2021. That law was signed by the governor and provides funding for 112 different initiatives in the state. Many of these programs are aimed at providing support for businesses which have been damaged by the impact of the pandemic.

MTI is administering several of these funds, including:

Specific Maine Jobs and Recovery Plan (MJRP) investments will be introduced over the coming months and are designed to strengthen and grow Maine’s economy. To help you sort through all the information and determine if any plan is applicable to your business, MTI will send emails outlining each program’s elements, eligibility, timing, amount, and links for further details. Those announcements can also be found on this page. If you would like to automatically receive updates, you can subscribe to our informational publications here.

Maine Jobs and Recovery Plan Announcements

Small Business Grant Program

Agriculture, Seafood, and Forestry