Unique Entity Identification (UEID) Number

The federal government requires companies doing business with the government or receiving grants to have a Unique Entity Identification (UEID) number. Federal acceptance of the DUNS number ended on April 4, 2022 and now you can obtain a free UEID number at the federal government website SAM.gov.

No payment is required to register a UEID number with SAM.gov. If you are asked to provide payment for assistance in registering your UEID number, we recommend you ignore any such offer. MainePTAC can provide support for UEID number registration at no cost to Maine business owners. In the video on this page, Bryan Wallace provides tips for navigating the UEID number registration. You can email specific questions regarding UEID number registration directly to Bryan at [email protected].

When you go to the SAM.gov website, click on “Get Started.” There are two types of registrations available. Unless you want to bid on federal contracts, all you need is the “Financial Assistance Awards” registration. More information and links can be found here.

Having trouble validating your entity information on the SAM.gov website? If your current, correct entity name and address do not match what is displayed in SAM.gov, or there is no match at all, click here for guidance on what steps you can take to resolve the issue.

Please Note: If you have attempted to register your UEID number with SAM.gov but have received a message stating your request requires further review, you can still proceed with MTI’s online application for the PRIME Fund Program. In MTI’s online application, in the field that asks for your UEID number, you can instead type “In Progress” or “0” to flag our system that you are still waiting for your UEID number.

If you take this approach, you must email MTI at [email protected] with your UEID number as soon as you receive it. It is important to note that while MTI can accept your application for review without your UEID number, we cannot disburse any grant funds to your business unless you have provided us with your UEID number.

How do I apply for a free UEID number?

The Unique Entity ID (UEID) number is issued by the government. Watch this video to learn how to find or create your UEID number.