Responding to the rise in remote work

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of the labor force currently works from home

of working days will be spent at home, even beyond the pandemic

Even before the COVID pandemic, remote work was gaining in popularity, especially among workers at technology-focused companies. Luke Thomas was among this growing group. In 2015, he moved back to Maine and continued to work remotely for his Boston-based employer. Soon after, he began a side project building tools that he wished he had as a remote worker — such as ways to have regular check-ins with managers.

MTI was an early investor in Thomas’ software, which is now called Friday, and worked with the company to grow the platform into a comprehensive communication and work management tool for distributed teams.

Friday’s ability to develop communication habits and automate routines for remote workers has proven vital. As the COVID pandemic forced many businesses to work remotely to prevent the spread of the virus and keep the economy moving, companies such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Red Hat have all used Friday to keep their employees in sync. Now, with a recent $2.1 million investment from Bessemer Venture Partners, Friday is poised to be a major part of the future of remote work.