Jun 16

A Deep Dive into Instagram Reels

Time: 10:30 am | Where: Virtual

Are you stumped by Instagram Reels? This webinar will walk you through the basics, including video creation tips, audio choices and helpful apps to make creating Reels a breeze. A... Read more ≫

Jun 20

QuickBooks Online

Time: 6:00 pm | Where: Virtual

This webinar will take 2.5 hours a day for 3 days to give an in-depth understanding of QuickBooks Online. Learn more and register at SCORE. Read more ≫

Jun 22

Boundaries for a Thriving Business

Time: 9:00 am | Where: Virtual

This 6-week cohort will combine structured discussions and skill-building instruction to help women business owners learn to set limits, prioritize, grow and sustain their businesses. Learn more and register at... Read more ≫

Jun 22

Grow Your Business Online- Keep My Customers

Time: 6:00 pm | Where: Virtual

The goal of this training experience is to give you the skills, knowledge, and confidence to create a compelling web presence & website for your small business.┬áLearn more and register... Read more ≫