Maine’s first dairy digester turns cow manure into renewable natural gas

(From Maine Public) MTI portfolio company, Peaks Renewables, is up and running in Clinton. As Maine's first dairy digester, the company captures methane gas that's normally released into the atmosphere from manure and converts it into gas which can be used for heating, cooking and other purposes. Peaks estimates the project's environmental impact will be equivalent to taking 6,500 cars off the road for every year it's in operation. Read more »

Dirigo Labs’ Better Maine Conference planned Oct. 5 in Waterville

(From Dirigo Labs is partnering with the Skowhegan Center for Entrepreneurship to host the 2023 Better Maine Conference. The conference will focus on “Growing a Diverse Workforce” and will bring together business leaders, policymakers and workforce development professionals from across the state. MTI is pleased to be an Event Sponsor. Read more »

Friday Food Insider Notebook: awards, apples, coffee and closings

(From Mainebiz) Bixby Chocolate, a maker of organic chocolate bars, won three prestigious International Chocolate Awards. The esteemed awards are presented annually by the International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting. The Rockland-based company received support from MTI for early-stage research and development. Read more »

Maine seaweed farming conference promotes sustainable growth

(From Sun Journal) Over 300 people recently attended "Seagriculture USA." The two-day International Seaweed Conference featured presentations by global leaders in seaweed innovation exploring its production and various uses. Exclusive Event Sponsor, MTI, invests in Maine's seaweed economy. MTI's President, Brian Whitney stated, “Maine is already a leader in kelp farming and well-positioned to be at the forefront of advanced processing of seaweed.” Read more »