Happy Planet Podcast: Can Lobster Heal our Skin?

(From Happy Planet) In a recent podcast, Marin Skincare Co-Founder Patrick Breeding discussed his innovative lobster-based skincare product and the support MTI has provided the company, saying, “MTI reigns above everyone else in terms of our ability to be in business. They have given us hundreds of thousands in grants to build a business in Maine that’s going to change the economy,” and much more. Read more »

Sappi North America Awarded $1 Million From the Maine Technology Institute as Part of Maine’s Forestry Recovery Initiative

(From Business Wire) Sappi North America Inc. received a $1 million grant from MTI's Forestry Recovery Initiative. The company is a leading producer and supplier of diversified paper, packaging products and pulp. The grant funds will be used to improve pulp yield in its Somerset Mill, specifically through a new chip treatment process. Sappi supports more than 3,300 Maine jobs. Read more »

Waterville startup accelerator Dirigo Labs picks next cohort

(From Mainebiz) Over half of the startups selected to participate in the Dirigo Labs' accelerator program are MTI portfolio companies! Located in Waterville, the 12-week program is scheduled to begin in January. The program provides an opportunity for funded research and development projects. Read more »

From Germany to Maine, plans advance for Enfield biochar plant

(From Mainebiz) Standard Biocarbon recently received two specialized machines from Germany, designed to produce high-quality biochar from wood chips for use in agriculture, environmental remediation and stormwater management. The equipment will be moved to a production plant in Enfield. Funding for the facility was provided in part by MTI. Read more »

Maine-based aerospace company calls latest rocket test a success

(From Maine Public) bluShift Aerospace successfully fired its Marevl engine recently and is hoping the environmentally safer fuel will appeal to scientists and others looking for rockets to carry experimental payloads into outer space. The Brunswick-based company is working on a rocket that could reach as much as 90 miles high, providing 6-8 minutes of weightless flight for onboard experiments. MTI has provided bluShift with ongoing support. Read more »

First 100% bio-based 3D-printed home unveiled at the University of Maine

(From AM Chronicle) The University of Maine Advanced Structures and Composites Center recently unveiled the first 3D-printed house made entirely with bio-based materials, BioHome3D. The fully recyclable, 600-square-foot prototype features 3D-printed floors, walls and roof of wood fibers and bio-resins. MTI supported the design of the prototype. Read more »