Elmet Technologies: Poised for New Growth

(From Sun Journal) Known for decades as the maker of light bulb filament, Elmet Technologies is now key to the defense, aerospace and medical industries. Currently, Elmet has 170 employees and aims to grow to 225 quality jobs. Since 2015, MTI has made several vital awards to Elmet to help grow its R&D capacity, and preserve and grow its employment base and economic impact in Maine. Read more »

Brewer fabricator gets grant that will allow for expansion put off by pandemic

(From Mainebiz) Troy Industrial Solutions was recently awarded $260K in funding through Phase One of MTI's PRIME program. The grant will help purchase a new high-tech cutting machine. The Brewer business provides electro-mechanical equipment diagnostics, repair, replacement, transportation, installation and training services to manufacturing, aggregate, agricultural, power generation, municipal and industrial clients throughout the Northeast. Read more »

Watch this rocket ignite using fuel that you can eat

(From CNN Business) bluShift Aerospace is working on sending rockets to space using bioderived, carbon-neutral fuel. The company gave CNN exclusive camera access to its third rocket engine test to demonstrate that the future of suborbital launches can be bio-powered. bluShift has received ongoing support from MTI. Read more »