Tanbark – Green in Every Way

Tanbark was born at an intersection. Literally and figuratively. Melissa LaCasse was driving in Westbrook, Maine, listening to On Being with Krista Tippett when the words, “What kind of an ancestor do you want to be?” synced up perfectly with a junction in the road. She decided then and there to turn her climate grief… Read more »

MERC Client P3RD Makes Packaging for Cleaner Oceans

Coming from a family of packaging engineers and manufacturers and raised in the paper mill town of Old Town, Maine, the idea for better packaging first sparked when P3RD Founder, Ariadne Dimoula, was a kid swimming in the Penobscot River and saw fast food litter everywhere.  P3RD.EARTH, based in Orono, develops innovative packaging solutions made… Read more »

Piali De, Co-founder and CEO of Senscio Systems

Piali De is a co-founder and CEO of Senscio Systems, a company that empowers older adults to age comfortably and independently at home.  In addition to being co-founder of Senscio, Piali is the co-inventor of Senscio’s patented Scio™ framework, the artificially intelligent inference engine that contextualizes data in any domain into actionable intelligence. This system… Read more »