Maine Technology Institute Wants to Know “How Would Your Company Spend a Million Dollars – or More – to Stimulate Innovation, Economic Impact and Job Creation?”

August 23, 2017

MTI would like to hear what potential applicants think about the proposed approach to the award decision-making process.

Brunswick, ME – August 23, 2017. Following voter approval of the research and development (R&D) bond referendum in June 2017, the Maine Technology Institute (MTI) is responsible for soliciting proposals from Maine organizations looking to make investments in R&D equipment, infrastructure and technology upgrades to drive innovation in Maine. The goal is for organizations to demonstrate how the R&D funding will complement their own matching investments to the greatest possible extent and for the greatest possible economic impact.  Applicants will participate in a competitive process and will need to show how the grant funding will help them gain and hold market share, increase revenues, and grow or preserve jobs for Maine people.

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