MTI supports events that promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Maine. We provide a financial contribution in exchange for sponsorship recognition. MTI is interested in supporting events that align with one or more of these three areas:

  • Marketing—We want to make certain that our programs and services are well-known and well-understood. In order to maintain a strong application pipeline and to build innovation in Maine, we support events that reach our targeted audiences and provide the opportunity to share information about MTI.
  • Celebration—MTI celebrates the successes of our partners, programs, clients, and organizations to encourage a culture of innovation, aspiration, and success in Maine.
  • Education and connection—We support educational and networking opportunities for current and potential MTI companies, organizations, and innovators to grow and succeed.

Eligibility and Expectations

MTI’s sponsorship support ranges from $1,000-$5,000 per event. We prioritize supporting events that can demonstrate how their event fits into the innovation community and show coordination and collaboration with other community partners. Consideration is also given to the event location and the geographic origin of attendees. All events must take place in the State of Maine.

To submit your event for consideration, fill out our online form and provide the requested information. All requests must go through our online portal in order for payments to be made.

If your sponsorship request is approved, you will receive an email and a contract. As part of our sponsorship, MTI will provide our logo for use on all electronic and print media. In addition, event programming should include:

  • mention of MTI’s support of the event,
  • an introduction to MTI’s mission (provided by MTI),
  • and when appropriate, a featured story of either
    • an entrepreneurial experience by an innovator (with preference given to MTI portfolio companies)
    • a connection of people, ideas, or resources that lead to new opportunity, growth, or success.

MTI is responsible for providing up to date information and appropriate stories to the event organizer.

After the event, the event host must login to our online portal within 30 days and provide a recap on the event. We ask that you provide us with the number of event participants and their geographic origin (if available), and a brief summary of how the anticipated outcomes detailed in the request compared to the results.

Generally, MTI does not give event sponsorship funding to community partners who receive significant financial support through other MTI programs. MTI will not sponsor events that are political or partisan in nature.

Of note, this policy does not govern events that MTI hosts, attends, or MTI staff participate in as panelists or exhibitors.