Maine Entrepreneurial Resource Corps (MERC)

What is MERC?

MTI staff and E-Residents identified a need to provide short-term consulting services to Maine start-ups to address critical skill deficiencies on their teams. Though small businesses are eager to receive such services, many struggle to find competent consultants and resources to pay for projects. In response to these challenges, MTI developed the Maine Entrepreneurial Resource Corps (MERC) database.

The MERC database contains a list of vetted consultants in 40+ expertise categories. This information is used to match Maine start-ups with reliable, affordable consultants who will assist in developing short-term projects to address specific skill shortcomings.

MTI is committed to paying 50% of approved projects upon 14 days of project completion.

Interested in becoming a MERC consultant?

Interested in becoming a MERC client?

What Are The General Expertise Categories?

  • Corporate Governance and Projects
  • Engineering
  • Financial Resources
  • General Marketing Consulting
  • Training
  • Information Technology
  • Legal Resources
  • Manufacturing Consulting
  • Human Resources
  • Organizational Development Resources
  • Sales Resources
  • Grant Writing
  • Custom Software Development

What Is An Ideal Project?

The ideal MERC project is one that will contribute to the growth and productivity of the client company by addressing a critical skill deficiency. The MERC program is not intended to subsidize part-time or fractional long-term employment. Accordingly, MERC projects will ideally last no more than three months and will have a defined start, middle, and end. All MERC projects have a maximum project fee of $20,000 total ($10,000 paid by MTI).

What Does The Timeline Look Like?

The MERC program is currently accepting consultant applications with the goal of obtaining 40-60 consultants for the MERC database by late August.

We anticipate accepting applications from businesses seeking to participate in the MERC program and matching them with prospective consultants for project approval, beginning in September.  

Please continue to check this webpage for updates.

What Is A Quality Consultant?

Ensuring the quality and reliability of our consultant pool is key to the success of the MERC program. All consultants are asked to provide references and additional background information to guarantee a history of customer satisfaction and quality service. Upon project completion, MERC clients are asked to issue a consultant performance rating.

Who Should I Contact?

If you have questions or would like further information, please e-mail our MERC Coordinator, Emily Braley or call 207-481-7047.