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The federal government provides over $3.7 billion in annual funding for small businesses to conduct research and development of innovative technology leading to the commercialization of new products, processes and services. The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program helped develop large companies such as 23andMe, Biogen, iRobot and Qualcomm. In Maine, the program has supported startups such as VitaminSea, Montalvo, Eldertide and RockStep Solutions in becoming the successful businesses they are today.

As Maine’s official SBIR/STTR support organization, MTI has an experienced team dedicated to helping your small business leverage this federal program to innovate and grow your business.

small businesses awarded

Over 114 small businesses have won 397 awards

Maine's small businesses have received over $115M since 1997

Maine’s small businesses have received over $115M since 1997

With MTI support, companies tend to have a higher success rate!

Businesses in all 16 Maine counties have received awards

Curious about the SBIR/STTR program and if it’s a fit for your small business?

Workshops & Resources

Workshops & Resources

MTI and our partners host and contribute to dozens of SBIR/STTR related workshops each year. These are great opportunities to learn from experts about this program and oftentimes interact with program managers at one of the eleven federal agencies participating in the SBIR/STTR program. For those unable to make it to these events, we have a collection of webinars, videos and e-books to help you learn more.

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Technical Assistance Program (TAP)

Technical Assistance Program (TAP)

MTI helps companies develop strong, competitive proposals for federal agencies with research and development funding programs — all at no cost.

MTI’s TAP team can educate you on the nuances of the SBIR/STTR program, provide guidance and strategies for writing your proposal, as well as offer critical technical editing and reviews of your proposal.

The TAP program also provides government accounting assistance in preparing an overhead rate, budget and justification. Other services include commercialization plan development, market researchers and a biotech consultant. These services will ensure your proposal meets established technical and commercial review criteria.

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Proposal Assistance Funding

Proposal Assistance Funding

In addition to providing free assistance through TAP, MTI offers funding for businesses applying for SBIR/STTR awards. These funding opportunities — which follow the same funding process as our other investments — are designed to help increase the competitiveness of your proposal. MTI offers up to $5,000 to Phase I applicants for grant writing or subject matter expert support and up to $15,000 to Phase II applicants to accelerate business maturity and development.

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Open & Upcoming Solicitations

Open & Upcoming Solicitations

Each participating agency has a different schedule for releasing their solicitation. Some agencies issue multiple solicitations and others have just one per year. Visit the SBIR’s official website to see current and upcoming solicitations. You can also subscribe to our eNewsletter in the footer at the bottom of this page to receive updates and announcements on upcoming solicitations.

Latest SBIR News Items

News and Updates

Read about the latest awards, successes and updates on the SBIR/STTR programs

What’s the first step to getting your innovation to market? Try SBIR/STTR funding.

(From Maine Venture Fund) MTI’s SBIR Expert, Karen West, was recently interviewed for a Maine Venture Fund article. She shared valuable insights into the Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) programs including benefits of the application process, how to strengthen an application, and much more. Read more »

Kelp grower completes funding round, adds business partners

(From Mainebiz) Commercial kelp grower, Atlantic Sea Farms, recently completed a funding round, secured additional business partners and board members. The company received early SBIR support from the MTI TAP team. Read more »

Soaring seaweed demand drives York County food processor to quadruple its space

(From Mainebiz) Due to increasing product demand, Saco-based Atlantic Sea Farms will be moving to a larger industrial space in Biddeford. The company’s CEO, Briana Warner, rebranded Ocean Approved, Inc. as Atlantic Sea Farms and was the first commercially viable business to introduce domestic, fresh seaweed products to the marketplace. (Ocean Approved, Inc. received early SBIR support from the MTI TAP team.) Read more »

Oyster culture: newest frontier in agribusiness

(From Aquaculture North America) Located in Waldoboro, Maine Shellfish Developers is pioneering a non-coastal system to grow Eastern oysters year-round using recirculating aquaculture systems technology. The USDA supported exploration of this new frontier with two Small Business Innovation Research grants totaling $750,000. MTI was also an early backer. Read more »

Startup bluShift Aerospace launches its 1st commercial biofuel rocket from Maine

(From Space.com) The world’s first commercial booster powered by biofuel was launched from Maine. The Brunswick-based startup, bluShift Aerospace launched its first rocket prototype, called Stardust 1.0, despite freezing temperatures and two false starts. In addition to team members investing their own money into the project, the company received funding from MTI and NASA. Read more »