Economic Development Agencies

Municipal Economic & Community Development Departments
Many Maine municipalities have a department that is dedicated to development of the local economy and community. Staffing these departments are professionals who will assist entrepreneurs by:
  • linking you with the financial assistance your business or project needs; and
  • providing business counseling and/or identifying partner resources to grow and strengthen your business, no matter the size or stage of development.

Some municipalities also invest in economic development projects by providing grant monies.

To learn more about your local Economic Development program and obtain contact information, click here 
Regional Economic Development Organizations

In addition to the resources that may be available to entrepreneurs at the local level, there are a host of regional economic development organizations throughout the State of Maine.

These organizations provide many benefits, often similar to municipal ECD departments.

For contact information for the organization nearest you, click here.

Chambers of Commerce

Local, regional and State-wide Chambers of Commerce offer entrepreneurs:

  • opportunities to connect with other entrepreneurs, businesses and many other resources
  • programs ranging from leadership development to seminars involving
  • employee benefits, insurance programs, marketing and many other topics
  • advocacy on public policy matters
  • visibility for its members
  • membership benefits

Find information on your local Chamber here.