Where Do I Start?

MTI is a private, non-profit that works with a diversity of entrepreneurs, companies and scientists, as well as the ecosystem that supports them to research, develop and launch new products and processes into the commercial marketplace.  MTI is dedicated to the start-up and expansion of technology-based, high-growth enterprises. We are nationally recognized as a key element of Maine’s economic development strategy contributing to the long-term development of a statewide research, development and product deployment infrastructure.

Not sure where to start? The StartupGPS Pathfinder is a self-assessment tool that can help quantify your current business position. Your Pathfinder results may also help inform further dialogue with MTI staff. **

I want to:

Explore Funding



Our mission relates directly to assisting companies along the path to securing the capital to complete research and development needed to successfully launch a new product or process into the marketplace.  We do this by providing direct investment through our grant, loan and equity funds, or with assistance in securing federal funding or referral to other sources of non-MTI funding.


MTI is able to provide funding to assist applied research with proof-of-concept work and reasonable opportunity to result in a start-up venture or for license into the marketplace. MTI encourages all Maine-based research/academic institutions and faculty to actively investigate commercial applications for discoveries and technology derived from their research. MTI’s core mission supports and funds investigation of how these discoveries can be exploited and accelerated into new products and processes.  To assure fit to MTI’s funding programs, researchers, faculty and institutions seeking funding from MTI are requested to schedule a pre-application concept review meeting between MTI and the institutional team. Contact Lou Simms at (207) 582-4790 ext. 206 or by email, lsimms@mainetechnology.org

R&D Ecosystem and Entrepreneur Support:

MTI offers funding, partnership and sponsorship opportunities to organizations and service providers that support entrepreneurs, start-ups and the research, development launch of new products/process.  If you are an organization or service provider that has a concept or initiative that can provide critical support to MTI’s portfolio success, please review the Cluster Initiative Program page. If you are interested in having MTI sponsorship of your event, please check out MTI’s sponsorship policy and process.

If you have a project or event supporting Maine’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, MTI is an organizational partner in Maine Accelerates Growth and participates in additional ecosystem support through this network. MxG Funding Guidelines can be found on the Maine Accelerates Growth website.

Become a Tech Board member

Nearly 100 experienced business and technology experts volunteer their time to serve on MTI’s Targeted Technology Boards. The seven Targeted Technology Boards serve as subsidiaries of the MTI Board of Directors and consist of Private sector representatives, scientists, and subject matter experts. The targeted technology sectors include biotechnology, aquaculture and marine technology, composites material technology, environmental technology, advanced technology for forestry and agriculture, information technology, and precision manufacturing technology.

MTI Technology Board members serve two main roles: (1) Provide thoughtful reviewer input on grant and loan applications, and (2) Act as ambassadors for MTI in Maine, attracting the best and brightest applicants for MTI funding, also helping MTI identify strategic needs and trends within the specified sectors. View a complete job description here.

Learn about employment opportunities at MTI

Visit the MTI Employment Opportunities page for current job listings.

Get involved: How can I help?

If you are interested in sponsoring an MTI event, partnering with MTI to serve entrepreneurs, or donating to our efforts to encourage and support technology development or R&D event in your region or business, we would be pleased to discuss these collaboration and promotion ideas. Contact MTI at info@mainetechnology.org or by phone, (207) 582-4790. If you are interested in having MTI sponsorship of your event, please check out MTI’s sponsorship policy and process.

**Please note that the StartupGPS website is a third party site, completely separate from MTI management. MTI includes the link here as a complementary resource for early-stage entrepreneurs.