Get Funded

Recently, MTI has developed a new strategic plan, read about the changes in President Brian Whitney’s letter.

Clear criteria for qualifying work and the expected application process will be announced soon. In the meantime, we encourage you to connect with MTI to start the process and see how we can support the development and commercialization of your innovative ideas.

Eligibility requirements:

MTI supports innovation that accelerates the:

  • Creation or retention of quality jobs statewide;
  • Growth of revenues;
  • Attraction of additional investments;
  • Addition or expansion of facilities in Maine.

MTI offers grants, loans, equity investments, and services to businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs who work within one or more of the seven targeted technology sectors and who share these goals.

Applicants need to have an established place of business in the State of Maine or an intention to establish a place of business in Maine by the time of award decision.  All applicants must be able to provide 1:1 match for any award.

To determine the support you need, MTI will use VIRAL, a nationally recognized assessment tool to help our clients assess their most urgent needs to maximize their chances of successfully commercializing their innovation. The assessment can be used by nearly any type of product, service, process or organization and at every stage of development. It is a way to measure the maturity of an organization or business across eight different areas including the development of the product, team, business model, scalability, value proposition and market size.

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