You Can Live + Work in Maine. Come Join MTI’s Talented Team

Recently, I met with Nate Wildes, Executive Director of Live and Work in MaineLive and Work in Maine is a “private-sector initiative designed to increase awareness about the great career opportunities that exist in Maine and promote the world-class quality of life Mainers enjoy. Its mission is to show the world that in Maine, you can have it all when it comes to quality of life AND quality of career.”

I was intrigued and encouraged to learn about one of Live and Work in Maine’s upcoming initiatives to spread the great news about the amazing employment opportunities that exist in our state and, of course, our unrivaled quality of life.  For the second year in a row, Live and Work in Maine is launching its “Boomerang” campaign during Thanksgiving week, and they’re looking for restaurants, bars, breweries, and other venues in Maine to help get the word out. Partner venues receive free Live and Work in Maine “Boomerang” branded materials (such as stickers, coasters, glassware, t-shirts, etc.) to be used and handed out to patrons beginning this week.

It goes without saying that Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel weekends of the year.  It’s also well-known that many Mainers, now living out-of-state, come home for the holiday to visit family and friends in Maine and, in many cases, venture out to their favorite restaurants or watering holes to catch up with old friends.  Live and Work in Maine is cleverly leveraging this opportunity to educate and inform this audience about the amazing career opportunities that exist in Maine.  The concept being that, these individuals already recognize, appreciate and love our quality of life, now we just need to let them know about the wonderful job opportunities that exist in so many amazing Maine companies and then just roll out the red carpet for them.  To participate or to learn more about the “Boomerang” initiative, please visit the following Google Form.

So, kudos to Live and Work in Maine on the exciting initiative!

On the topic of living and working in Maine, the Maine Technology Institute is looking for talented individuals to join its team.  We are presently looking to hire two MTI Investment Officers.

As you know, MTI helps foster and facilitate the creativity and inventiveness of Mainers by funding innovations developed by Maine tinkerers in garages all the way up to large public companies, world renowned research organizations and academic institutions.  If you want to be part of a passionate and committed team of professionals helping to diversify and grow Maine’s economy, please look for our job posting on, visit our website, or email me personally to express interest.  We are looking to make hiring decisions by the end of the year so please don’t delay.

And, happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


Brian Whitney