Summer is a Time for Travel, Black Travel Maine Leverages MERC Funds for Growth

June 25, 2024 | Featured Clients

Founder Lisa Jones founded the proprietary booking engine Worldwide Group Travel & Events in 2006. Her mission has always been to provide a unique blend of travel and event-planning services for large and small travel groups. With over 20 years of corporate digital marketing experience marked by a unique ability to spot emerging trends, Jones established the Worldwide Group Travel & Events platform to help meet the needs of the growing market that most of her contemporaries virtually ignored – group travel.

Black Travel Maine‘s mission is to expose Black and multiethnic travelers and organizations to the cultural beauty, richness and delightfully friendly people of the gorgeous State of Maine. Its custom curated cultural tours highlight everything from the arts, entertainment and the spectacular food Maine has to offer visitors from around the World in hopes to help dispel the age old myth of, “why go there it is too cold and too white.”

Black Travel Maine was the recipient of MERC funds for marketing and branding.

“The MTI MERC grant program has been instrumental in advancing my two brands, Black Travel Maine and Leisure Group Tech, by enabling us to hire a consultant for marketing and branding assistance. The consulting expertise has been invaluable, significantly contributing to the growth and continued success of both brands. Without this grant, it would have been challenging for us to sustain our efforts. I extend my heartfelt thanks to Emily and the entire team at MERC for their unwavering support.” –Lisa Jones, Founder Worldwide Travel Group and Black Travel Maine