Piali De, Co-founder and CEO of Senscio Systems

March 28, 2024 | Featured Clients

Piali De is a co-founder and CEO of Senscio Systems, a company that empowers older adults to age comfortably and independently at home.  In addition to being co-founder of Senscio, Piali is the co-inventor of Senscio’s patented Scio™ framework, the artificially intelligent inference engine that contextualizes data in any domain into actionable intelligence. This system improves self-management for patients with complex chronic conditions and is designed to enable coordination with multiple care team members resulting in early intervention to avoid complications. 

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Piali De, co-founder of Senscio Systems

Piali grew up in Calcutta, India. In 1982, she graduated Summa Cum Laude from Hunter College, with Bachelors and Masters degrees in Physics. In 1987, Piali completed the doctoral program in Physics at Brown University. She is the author of multiple publications, three patents, and one pending patent, and is the recipient of the National Women of Color’s 2009 Technology Innovation Award. In 2005, Piali received the Raytheon CEO Award, Raytheon IDS President’s Award and Raytheon Business Development Excellence Award, for her work on profiling Marine Corps missions.

​When the pandemic hit, Senscio needed to do a hard pivot and deliver all its health management services virtually. New technology and operations were required. “Equity investors wanted to wait to see us succeed with the pivot. MTI came in at that critical juncture with debt financing that carried us through to when we were able to raise an equity round. MTI believed in our fundamental technology to power chronic health management with AI. MTI believed in our ability to gain traction in the market. With MTI’s timely support, we are now the market leader in effective self-management of chronic conditions, resulting in better health and fewer hospitalizations.” – Piali De