Happy Fourth of July!

As our soggy month of June ends – – and with it, MTI’s fiscal year – – I look forward to July and our next fiscal year with a great deal of hope and enthusiasm.  And, with a little luck, we might also be able to string together a few dry, sunny days.  One can… Read more »

Allowing Google’s Bard to Write this Month’s Blog

A few months ago in this space, I wrote a blog about artificial intelligence (AI) and, specifically, about a report that the Roux Institute issued on “the State of AI in Maine.”  In that message, I noted that Maine is well-positioned to leverage AI to bolster our economy. Curious about some of the AI tools that are… Read more »

MTI Welcomes Eight New Members To Its Board Of Directors

In this space last month, I referenced Ben Franklin’s adage about change, “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” I noted that the maxim is relevant in most every aspect of life and perhaps most pertinent when considering how best to evolve, improve, and grow organizations.  I used the occasion to note the transition occurring in… Read more »