Maine’s Top Gun Program . . . Highway to the Growth Zone

The past two days, entrepreneurs from four different regions of Maine assembled to participate in pitch competitions for the right to advance and contend for a $10,000 cash prize. The pitches by the entrepreneurs served as the culmination of an intensive four-month program delivered by the Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development (MCED). The program, operated since… Read more »


“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever,” Jacques Cousteau Maine’s maritime heritage is an integral part of our culture and economic well-being. Our abundant and superior seafood is treasured throughout the world and, to many visitors to our state and those who someday aspire to visit here,… Read more »

MTI . . . More Than Just Funding

Here at the Maine Technology Institute (MTI), we generally use the following elevator pitch to describe what we do, “MTI helps fund, connect and grow Maine’s innovation economy.”  By that, we mean that we fund Maine entrepreneurs, companies and organizations who engage technology to develop innovative products and processes and connect them to resources to… Read more »