Highly Anticipated Summer Events on Horizon

John Muir once wrote, “Spring work is going on with joyful enthusiasm.” Consistent with Muir’s words, the Maine Technology Institute is eagerly working and making preparations this spring for two highly anticipated summer events in the innovation ecosystem.   First, the staff and board are finalizing arrangements for TechWalk 2015 – MTI’s annual opportunity to… Read more »

Greetings from MTI

As I noted in August, I am committed to ensuring that MTI continues to function as a vital lynchpin in helping to “encourage, promote, stimulate and support research and development activity leading to the commercialization of new products and services” in Maine. I hope you feel, as I do, that MTI has functioned proficiently during… Read more »

Maine’s Fall Conference Circuit: Rebellion, Trust and Failure

John Maeda, design partner at VC firm Kleiner Perkins, has called conferences “the new college” – a place where people are mixed together from different disciplines, having real discussions, under one roof with few distractions. This fall, Maine has been blessed with a number of opportunities to learn, connect and grow through conferences – from MTI’s… Read more »