Why Maine’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Needs To Go Blockchain by Martha Bentley, MTI’s Director of Innovation Infrastructure

“Blockchain’s decentralized, open… nature allow people to trust each other and transact peer to peer, making the need for intermediaries obsolete. This also brings unprecedented security benefits. Hacking attacks that commonly impact large centralized intermediaries like banks would be virtually impossible to pull off on the blockchain.” https://medium.com/blockchain-review/how-does-the-blockchain-work-for-dummies-explained-simply-9f94d386e093     I have been reading a… Read more »

MTI Welcomes 3 New Board Members

The Maine Technology Institute’s governing Board of Directors is composed of fifteen private and public-sector members. All members selflessly volunteer their time, energy and talent to MTI to help drive innovation and economic growth in Maine.  Eight of the directors represent the state’s seven targeted technology sectors, two have demonstrated significant experience in finance, lending… Read more »

The Portal to Access $45 Million in Grant Funding Opens Monday!!

After months of preparation and planning, MTI will open its applicant portal on Monday, October 2nd so the organization can begin accepting proposals for impactful projects that will help induce innovation in the State of Maine. Following voter approval of the $45 million research and development (R&D) bond referendum in June 2017, the Maine Technology… Read more »