How You Can Help Foster Harassment Free Workplaces in Maine

MTI Partnering with #MaineCanDo and Pan Atlantic Research to Distribute Comprehensive Survey of Sexual Harassment and Workplace Culture Issues in Maine

In early 2018, the Maine Technology Institute (MTI) contributed staff time and assistance to a grassroots effort to help create and launch #MaineCanDo – a platform designed to help individuals, employers, and investors to prevent future #MeToo incidents in Maine. On the platform, organizations can find resources they need not only to know the law but also to proactively create respectful, safe and inclusive workplace cultures.

With support from MTI’s Board of Directors, I was pleased to sign the #MaineCanDo pledge on behalf of MTI, joining 202 other Maine companies who have also taken the pledge.  The #MaineCanDo platform went live in June of 2018 and is providing vital resources to entrepreneurs, startups and businesses across Maine to help foster healthy and respectful harassment-free workplaces.

As phase two of the effort, MTI is proud to be partnering with #MaineCanDo and Pan Atlantic Research, an independent Maine-based market research company, to conduct the first comprehensive survey of sexual harassment and workplace culture issues in Maine in the #MeToo era.  The results of the survey will help guide strategies for additional activities through the platform.

As part of this important research, I have completed a survey about company policies around sexual harassment and have invited MTI employees, portfolio companies, partners and stakeholders to complete a survey of their own experiences.  I’d like to invite you to fill out this brief survey about your own experiences.

This survey is completely confidential – your responses will be delivered directly to Pan Atlantic Research without being shared with anyone at the organization, and all data will be anonymized and analyzed at the county and state level, not by individual organization.  I have been assured that your responses will never be connected with any identifying information.  Your IP Address and Geodata are stripped from the data automatically upon storage on SurveyGizmo’s servers, so that by the time Pan Atlantic downloads the response file, no identifying information is available to them.

This data will be used by organizations such as #MaineCanDo and the Maine Coalition Against Sexual Assault to better understand, and raise awareness of, the level of workplace sexual harassment in Maine and will help influence strategies to address it.

You can find more information about #MaineCanDo and the available resources about sexual harassment in Maine at

Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to help foster harassment-free workplaces in Maine.


Brian Whitney