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Blackstone Accelerates Growth

Blackstone Accelerates Growth: Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed in Maine 

Blackstone Accelerates Growth (BxG) creates jobs and economic development in Maine through entrepreneurship and growth. We work with our partners to create statewide programs with coordinated, focused activities to accelerate companies, connections, and the next generation of Maine entrepreneurs. We operate as part of the Blackstone Charitable Foundation, a $50 million Entrepreneurship Initiative to support innovative programs that drive job creation.  

Leveraging Valuable Resources Right Here in Maine 

Working with our partners—Maine Technology Institute, Maine Center for Entrepreneurial Development and the University of Maine—BxG leverages available resources for entrepreneurs. Together, we deliver a cohesive approach to growth and create a statewide network to help next-generation companies succeed and existing companies reach their full potential. We achieve this mission by fostering a systematic approach that identifies and supports high-potential companies based on four core values: 
  • Innovate
  • Aim High
  • Attract Resources
  • Add Value
  • Accelerating Focus Areas  

Accelerating Companies – through a wide range of programs and activities, BxG connects individual entrepreneurs and high-potential companies to the resources they need—from drop-in office hours and events to in-depth programs such as Top Gun and Innovation Engineering as well as direct coaching and consulting. 

Accelerating Connections – as the pathway to customers, capital, talent and partnerships, BxG creates regular opportunities to connect by sponsoring networking events that link the organizations, programs and people that form the foundation of Maine’s strong and sustainable growth culture.  

Accelerating the Next Generation – with Maine’s colleges and universities attracting the best and brightest entrepreneurs and innovators to their campuses, BxG strives to connect these valuable contributors to growing companies in Maine. We provide scholarships and internship programs to engage talented Maine students, link them to entrepreneurial companies, and enhance their education while also opening their eyes to the exciting opportunities right here in our state.

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