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Marine Research Fund

The Fund is now closed as all funds have been awarded.

The Maine Marine Research Fund was established by the Maine State Legislature to improve the Maine economy and help Maine become a nationally recognized center for marine research. MTI administers the Marine Research Fund (MRF), which has awarded approximately $6 million of the State bond funds since 2002. Awards of up to $500,000 have been made to Maine's non-profit organizations, laboratories, state governmental and quasi-governmental agencies and academic institutions to fund infrastructure and equipment needed to conduct high-quality, scientifically rigorous marine research programs that will have positive economic impact on the state of Maine.

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Proposals were evaluated on scientific merit, the impact of the project on the applicant organization and the economic benefit to Maine. The Maine Marine Research Fund was funded by State bond issues approved by Maine voters. All funds have been awarded.


The economic impact of these awards are measured annually as part of the State's Comprehensive Research and Development Evaluation (

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