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Board of Directors

Maine’s Governor appoints 10 voting directors, 8 of whom must be representatives of targeted technologies. The other 2 directors must have demonstrated significant experience in finance, lending or venture capital. In making the appointments from targeted technologies, the Governor considers recommendations submitted by representatives of targeted technology sectors.

The Commissioner of Economic and Community Development or the commissioner's designee, the President of the Maine Community College System or the president's designee and the Chancellor of the University of Maine System or the chancellor's designee are ex officio voting directors. The Director of the State Planning Office or the director's designee is an ex officio nonvoting director. The Maine Technology Institute Director is a nonvoting director who is recommended by the MTI Board, appointed by the Governor, confirmed by the Senate, and employed by the Department of Economic and Community Development.  Click on the names below to read each Board Member's biography.


Alexander (Sandy) Spaulding, Chair
Sector Represented - Composite Technology

Chris Davis, Vice Chair
Sector Represented - Aquaculture & Marine Technology

Raymond (Chip) Kelley, Treasurer
Sector Represented - Finance/Lending/Venture Capital

Jake Ward, Secretary
University of Maine System Designate

Donna Cassese
Sector Represented - Advanced Technologies for Forestry and Agriculture

Sebastian Belle
Sector Represented - Environmental Technology

Linda Diou
Sector Represented - Biotechnology

Paul Edmonds
Sector Represented - Precision Manufacturing

Stephen Smith
Sector Represented - Finance/Lending/Venture Capital

Joe Kumiszcza
Sector Represented - Information Technology

George Gervais
DECD Commissioner

Gary Crocker
Community College Designate

Jonathan LaBonte
Director of the Office of Policy and Management

Scott Bourget
Sector Represented - At Large Industry

Brian Whitney
MTI President (non-voting)

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