FRI Phase 2 Details

When are applications due?

When Are Applications Due?

The application portal for Phase 2 CLOSED at 11:59 PM on October 18, 2022.

Who Should Apply?

Who Should Apply?

Am I Eligible for FRI-2 Funding?

Successful FRI-2 projects may include either projects that provide significant productivity improvements to an existing facility to make that business more competitive in a worldwide market or new projects that utilize new technology or processes that provide a new market for Maine wood resources. Approximately 20-30% of the available funds will target significant productivity improvement projects.

Your business may be considered eligible for a FRI-2 Fund grant award if:

  • You have a strategic project that incorporates response to market shifts in supply and demand brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic and other industry effects — including (but not limited to) new technologies which enhance the growing, processing, and/or use of the natural resources from this key sector of our state economy. Approximately 70-80% of the available award funding will be made to strategic projects completed in Maine.
    • Successful FRI-2 strategic projects will not be incremental improvements of existing processes or products but instead, will provide new uses for Maine timber and add to the long-term prosperity of this critical Maine industry.
  • We will also evaluate and make awards to projects that provide significant productivity improvements to existing plants or processes. Approximately 20-30% of the available funding will be awarded to productivity enhancements.
  • Your business has the resources and expertise to successfully implement the project and a track record of success with similar sized projects.
  • Your business has cash or other resources available to supplement the amount awarded from FRI-2. 
  • You are able and willing to comply with annual reporting requirements.
  • Your company has a Unique Entity Identification (UEID) number. For more information about UEID numbers and how to obtain one for free, see our FAQs or click here.
  • You may either be an existing Maine company or a company willing to build a strong presence in the state to implement the project.

Funding Opportunities

How Much Funding Can I Request?

After the application deadline, your application will be evaluated by a group of industry and grant experts that will score each proposal. The evaluation committee may contact applicants for additional data or clarification. The total amount of the award is dependent on the total number of FRI-2 applications we receive and the aggregate scoring from all the reviewers. Scoring will be weighted in favor of the strength of project and the long-term, positive impact potential to the Forestry industry in the state.

These awards are grants — not loans — and must be applied to operations that are focused on development efforts within Maine. The grant funds are subject to audit and are generally considered to be reportable income. Therefore, they should be included with reportable income when you file your corporate tax return.

MTI reserves the right to tranch the total amount of the awards to successful applicants based on project milestones and performance vs. plan. Federal ARPA requirements stipulate that all funds need to be fully deployed and used by December of 2026.

PLEASE NOTE: Award size is subject to change based on the number of valid applications received and the scoring of those applications. We do not expect all valid applications will receive awards — only those applications that exceed a minimum threshold score as determined by the review committee.

What Can I Use FRI-2 Funds For?

Funds must be used to implement the proposed Technical Plan identified in your application Word document. Your plan should incorporate response to market shifts in supply and demand brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic and other industry effects.

Funds should be directed toward development efforts that have not yet been completed — these funds are not meant to serve as reimbursement for prior expenditures.

Suggested expenses may include but are not limited to:

  • Business-related equipment purchases (capital or expense).
  • Start-up costs for new programs and/or new markets which may require some initial investment.
  • Payroll costs and expenses for existing or new hires.
  • Rent or mortgage payments for business facilities (unless otherwise waived by lessor/lender). 
  • Utilities payments.
  • Purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE) required by the business.
  • Design expense and labor expense associated with management of the project.
  • Replenishing inventory or other necessary re-opening and/or operating expenses.
  • Construction expense on all capital projects.

These funds must be applied to operations that are focused on development efforts within Maine. These grant funds are subject to audit and are generally considered to be reportable income, therefore should be included with reportable income at tax time.

How Do I Apply

How Do I Apply For FRI Funding Phase 2?

Step 1-Complete your paperwork

Use the Application Word Document to provide all the information requested. Download the Application Word Document, answer all the questions, then save the file. 

If you cannot access the Application Word Document, here is a PDF version of the Application Document. You can complete your responses in your preferred file format, to be uploaded into the Online Application Portal.

You must also compile electronic files for all the required documents in our checklist below.

Application Checklist

Before you access MTI’s Online Application Portal, you will need the following documents ready for upload.

  1. Completed Application Word Document
  2. Signed and dated W-9 Form (Access a blank W-9 Form HERE)
  3. Current Balance Sheet
  4. Income Statement (or Profit and Loss Statement) for 2020, 2021 & 2022-YTD
  5. The federal government requires companies doing business with the government or receiving grants to have a Unique Entity ID (UEID) number. To learn more about a UEID number and how to obtain one at no cost, click here.
  6. Signed and dated Agreement to comply with all federal and state funding requirements.

Step 2-Submit your application and supporting documents online

Once you have completed your Application Word Document and compiled all required financial documents in the checklist above, you must submit your information through MTI’s online application portal, which requires you create an MTI online account with a valid email address.

MTI’s online application portal will require that you enter specific data regarding your business and your proposed pandemic response plan directly into MTI’s online application form, and then upload all required electronic files.  

We estimate that you will need at least 60-90 minutes to complete the online application form, enter all required data, upload all required electronic files, sign the electronic disclosures, review your online form and complete your online application submission.

You can save an incomplete online application form and return to complete it later; however, you must return to complete your online application submission by the application deadline date — incomplete applications will not be considered for funding.

MTI recommends completing the online application in one sitting, after you have compiled all required items noted above.

What if I need help

What If I Need Help With My Application?

MTI offers a number of resources to assist you with the application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to questions others have asked, click here to find our FAQs.

Language Selection

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Zoom Meetings

MTI will host 2 Zoom sessions to answer specific questions about the FRI-2 Fund application. Click here to access the Zoom session schedule.

Connect with MTI

For further guidance please email us at [email protected].

What Happens After I Apply?

What Happens After I Apply?

You should receive a confirmation email shortly after your application has been submitted. 

If you receive an email notifying you that your application has been saved, it does not mean your application was submitted. Saving your application allows you to return to it later if you need to make changes. However, saving is not the same as submitting

To complete your online application please be sure to click the Submit Button after all the steps have been completed in the online portal.

After the award announcements are made, you will be notified via email informing you whether or not you have qualified.  

If you receive a FRI-2 award, MTI will verify that we have all the documentation needed to comply with state and federal guidelines. If we have any questions regarding your application or other documents provided, we will reach out via email for assistance. If your company is awarded a grant, there will be a need to execute a simple grant program contract which will be personalized for the company receiving the award. We anticipate payments will be made soon after the awards are announced.