Vets First Choice

Taking Back the Pharmacy

It started with a simple insight: If online technologies could transform other industries, why not veterinary practices too?

A small team with years of experience working with veterinarians asked this question in 2010, right when smart phones and online shopping were taking off.  Others—the internet discounters especially—were using online shopping to divert business away from veterinarians, disrupting relationships with clients, and hurting practice financial results.  There had to be a better way.

Today, Vets First Choice is the leading provider of an innovative new model for practices to manage prescriptions and strengthen relationship with their clients.  The company provides veterinarians with a modern, professional online store, a fully-accredited pharmacy service, access to thousands of products, and a friendly, effective way to communicate with pet and horse owners.  The system dramatically improves compliance and puts veterinarians back in control of their own pharmacy.