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Maine Paper Machine Upgrade Opens New Markets

MTAF 2.0 Award | $4,000,000

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Years history in Androscoggin

Tons added to yearly paper production by No. 3 machine

Founded in 1965, Verso currently has seven mills across the United States, including the Androscoggin Mill in Jay, Maine. In 2017, Verso cut production at the mill, first idling and then closing down the No. 3 paper machine. Both the State of Maine and Verso were interested in finding ways to bring back these jobs and the economy the mill supports in Franklin County and beyond.

The MTAF 2.0 award was able to supplement Verso’s investment to upgrade and restart the No. 3 machine. The upgrade will allow Verso to enter the growing global containerboard market. The annual paper production from the mill is expected to almost double, and 120 new jobs to be created.