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Helping an aging population with an innovative approach to orthopedic implants

Loan | $250K

Amplify Additive


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growth in demand for 3D printed orthopedic implants

Back in the early 2000s, Brian McLaughlin was working at an early-stage startup in Scarborough when he connected with MTI’s Joe Migliaccio. Though Brian eventually moved on from that startup — and out of Maine entirely — that initial connection would prove valuable down the road.

Flash forward to 2018 — Brian had returned to Maine with a rich background in orthopedics and a plan to start his own company. Of course, one of his first calls was to Joe Migliaccio. Brian explained to Joe his idea to 3D print titanium orthopedic implants. MTI was soon among Brian’s initial supporters, and his business — Amplify Additive — would go on to receive a loan from MTI to acquire an additional 3D printer and scale up their business.

With MTI’s backing, Brian and Amplify were able to attract additional funding, including, most recently, their $1.1 million Series A. “It is conceivable that without MTI’s support, Amplify Additive may not have been funded,” said Brian. Now, not only are they funded, they’re on their way to reach some quite ambitious goals. “My vision for Amplify is to be the largest Additive Manufacturing supplier for 3D Printed Titanium Orthopedic Implants in the US, if not the world,” said Brian, adding, “That is my vision, but hey, I’m the crazy visionary.”